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The way of Tai Chi Tao and self-development

Growing with the new cosmic energy and influence

Tai Chi Tao message


Tai Chi Tao has a lot of adaptability and possibility


In the Netherlands exists the Eastern Group of Tai Chi Tao and Qi Gong teachers. Basically, Tai Chi Tao cannot be compared with Tai Chi Chuan and common forms of Qi Gong.  Opposite to them, Tai Chi Tao has a lot of adaptability and possibility for every person. So, we can do exercises for people with Arthritis, Rheumatism, Fibromyalgy, ME and those who suffer from pain. They feel better and benefit in the process of  cure. Persons in a wheelchair, handicapped persons and paralysed persons can practice our system. Tai Chi Tao and our Qi Gong is based on the five-elements Qi Gong and Tai Chi, Feng-shui- Qi Gong, tao meditation and tao philosophy.
Jan Kraak is the founder of the five-elements Tai Chi and Qi Gong, aura-Qi Gong and Feng-shui Qi Gong. Started from scratch it has grown according to the Wu-Wei principle. Every day we are cultivating further our method and philosophy.


Generally, Tai Chi Tao is an inner and a cosmic way. Practically, Tai Chi Tao is an expression of life and transcends both time and space. Our philosophy is that we must employ our own souls through art to give new form and a new meaning to nature or the world  in relation with the cosmos. Tai Chi Tao is the physic unfolding of the personality, which is rooted in the nothing. Its effect is a deepening of the personal dimension of the soul. It penetrates into a deeper world in which all arts of Tai Chi flow together, unite, and in which the harmony of soul and cosmos in the nothing has its outcomes in reality. Tai Chi Tao.
also use the heart, mind and nature cosmic-wisdom principles. The exercises are light, elegant, beautiful, simple in short forms, singular and based on the five-elements movements, ball-playing energy, feeling the energy with the palms of the hands in our surrounding area. After that you can bring, with different handgesturs, the electro-magnetic energy in andaround you. You can use this energy also as Feng-shui Qi Gong and aura Qi Gong. Furthermore, you can make it worthwhile for another person by giving him

or her this beautiful cosmic energy.

There are people who cannot lift an arm so high, for example, not higher than the shoulder. Some have a stiff leg or can move only a little bit. Others are paralysed at an arm. Furthermore, there are persons who cannot move likewise a normal person. They only can follow the way of tai Chi Tao.


When we teach a paralysed person, who can do nothing, the teacher does the workout in front of the person. The paralysed person (simply) follows the movements with the eyes and mind, simultaneously visualising the energy flow by a positive attitude. After that, the paralysed person says: ?I feel myself more complete and I feel much better now. I feel kindness and happiness.?



Our system is open-minded. My warning is, when you are overblowing a system, then such a system becomes an one-sided and fanatic system. A fanatic partial way make followers narrow-minded and it leads  to a rough and dark energy, disturbing the natural way of doing, stagnation and isolation. When you practice Kung Fu, meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, etc. with an open, kindness, tolerating, adaptable and a pleasant natural mind and study Taoism, Buddhism, the cosmic energy and cycle or the inner way and integrate this all in everything that you do, then nothing can go wrong. Our only restriction is: do not talk about philosophy and cosmic energy, but integrate it in your daily life. The outcome is a clear, white refined

energy. Opposite to Tai Chi Tao, other systems work with the exterior, the outward, and focus on the technical skills, which results in a rough, dark energy and mostly a threatning energy. This is an item for discussion. 



Carol Timmermans tai chi tao teacher, tao dance teacher.
She is also an actress and dancer (revue, cabaret)

Theatrale glamour show "The Allround SuperStars" (TASS) with Carol Timmermans
on video left in red dress



Tai Chi Tao is related to the cosmos. In the cosmos a change is taking place. The electro-magnetic field around the earth is changing. This started in 1992, at the same time as the Falun Gong became publicly known. Since 1992 the north-south connection changed. That is the reason why airplane companies had to change their  north-south routes. The  earth comes under the influence of a so-called fotons-zone. This means more light-energy. Furthermore, since 1992 there is a birth-explosion of new Age children and paranormal-gifted kids. At the same time there is a birth-boom of children with AIDS. But, in California remarkably enough, at the age of 6 this disease by many kids is totally disappeared without leaving a trace. A miracle. Amazing!  Scientists discovered that the DNA structure of these children is changed. Also the cellstructure is changing. The first signs of that are already observable.  That means that without Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Falun Gong or Tai Chi Tao and other systems the cosmos and the earth work on the transformation and transmutation. The change in the electro-magnetic field has an influence on the million little magnetic parts of our brain.  That means that a person with a negative attitude become more negative (also crime) and a person with a positive one become more positive and better. Look around you. Everybody is already under influence of the new cosmic healing power. Tune in on the new light-energy.

Tai Chi Tao has already tuned-in to become part of this energy.


New Cosmic Development 


What we are doing with Tai Chi Tao is that we adjust our method to the new cosmic development. That is part of our adaptability. That is the reason why we change our system gradually, step by step, to the growing new cosmic energy and influence. In Tai chi tao exists no hierarchic structure. Every culture, each country, every person has an own energy-vibration, everyone is different... That is why there are Indians, Negros, Chinese, Arabs, black, white, red, brown and yellow people, that?s why there is so much different music and dance. That is a cosmic law. We are doing Tai chi Tao in accordance with  the tao. A good

master stays always a student. A good leader is also a companion. A good master gives plenty of room to the students for self-discovery and self-development.  A good student says never: ?My master said .....? Discover the master in yourself. Tai Chi Tao is based on feeling, kindness, awareness, tolerance, adaptability, self-development, self-criticism, tao-wisdom. sense of self-respect and an open mind and eye for the cosmic energy with an awareness of the cosmic change that is going on now. That is the tao and that is also a cosmic law.
The Netherlands - also in Belgium and Zwitserland

Jan Kraak

Cursussen Veronique Rillmann

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24 januari 2007
Jan Kraak

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