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How The Deceptive Practices of Processed Food Manufacturers Contribute to Childhood Obesity

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You can't judge a book and many processed foods marketed to children by their "covers," according to a report being released today at the California Childhood Obesity Conference. Half of the products analyzed contained no fruit at all, even though their packaging prominently featured images or names of fruits.

Researchers used data from a recent Kaiser Family Foundation report to target the leading food advertisers on children's TV programs, then concentrated their focus on 37 products that typically reside on grocery store shelves and feature the word or images of fruit on their packaging.

No surprise, among the products tested with no fruit in them -- yogurt and cereal -- are among some of the worst foods anybody can eat.

What's more, experts also pointed out how parents still trust manufacturers of sweetened fruit-flavored juices, even those that contain less than 10 percent real fruit juice.

Deceptive marketing practices, however, are only one of many contributors to childhood obesity. That said, there are a number of simple things parents can do that can have a profound effect on this health-harming epidemic.

Los Angeles Times January 26, 2007


10 februari 2007
Jan Kraak

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